This idea conjured to me as I waited for nearly thirty minutes for my interviewer to come back to her office. I grew so aggravated to the point where I thought about clearing the office — similar to what The Undertaker did in 2007:

Anyways, that’s besides the point…

The struggle with interviews is timing and communication. This is usually how the process works: a candidate applies for a job, a firm contacts the candidate to set up an interview ( usually on the phone then in person), then the candidate meets an interviewer at a location.

However, more times than not there’s usually variables that offset the meeting time such as traffic, parking availability, etc. That offset in time leads to the candidate or the interviewer waiting which ultimately changes their immediate schedule. To alleviate this problem, I thought of i-Interview. A platform that organizes the whole interview process from start to finish.

i-Interview allows candidates to upload their resume and chat with their interviewer all in one platform. This application also utilizes location programming for when the interviewer and candidate plan a time to meet at a location for an interview.

Pitch deck:


What’s needed to get this done:
-iOS developer: to develop the application 
-Hustler: to contact employers, firms, companies, etc
-Marketer: to grow the business

Comments and questions are welcome.

If you’re interested in working with this idea email me: gbnvule@colby.edu