The Scheme: Business ideas through Medium’s series

There’s an ‘AHA’ moment when you finally understand something. Whether it’s Bernhard Riemann’s approximation for the area of functions and lines on a graph (Unfortunately I never had an ‘AHA’ moment with Riemann sums) or understanding a merge sort algorithm and its time complexity. Those ‘AHA’ moments are fulfilling in the sense that you’ve acquired a new synapse in your critical thought progression.

On May, 23rd, around 2:41 am, I had one of those ‘AHA’ moments when I finally understood that my main thought streams are predominantly geared towards business development.

Looking back on my hobbies growing up, my behavior and actions are now beginning to make sense. I started a comic business in fifth grade, I had a snow shoveling business in high school, and I participated in the Colby business competition in the spring of my sophomore year.

To me this isn’t a hobby, it’s a daily unconscious idiosyncrasy that gives light to a piece of my identity.

Let me elaborate, at some point each day, I find myself day dreaming of launching business ventures while unintentionally building business plans and pitch decks. Now, the pitch decks and business plans are not compelling or worth millions of dollars by any means, but it’s a mental progression that occurs daily.

With this sudden realization I quickly moved to creating my series: The Scheme. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, the connotation of ‘scheme’ gives an illicit impression which leaves one to interpret what I’m doing as illegal, unlawful, or criminal. However, the purpose of the name is to derive a comical aspect to what I’m doing — keep in mind this is what I do for fun.

For the summer of 2017 I’m going to tap into my everyday thoughts by deploying business ‘schemes’ through my series here.

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