Adding Trustline for Fras (

FRAS is an Online Taxi Supplier which aim as a Self-sustainable Blockchain & Start-Up Incubator.


Adding Trustline for Assets on Stellar could be a little bit tricky for newbies , so i will not go technical for this reason .

Kindly follow these Easy Steps

1: visit :

Stellarterm Account Login Page

2: Insert your Seed Key (start with a S) and Login

Seed Key is the password to your Public wallet eg of wallet is : GAXSE3XULMQYOB32SM6Q7SJPERO74345VBKGSWI2GSFYDKSKCEO3MIDR . You should get it with your newly created Stellar wallet Address.

3: Inflation Pool

StellarTerm is free open source software. StellarTerm does not ask for donations, but instead, asks for inflation votes. The Stellar network rewards accounts that receive many votes through an “inflation system”. It is free to vote for StellarTerm and only requires a vote transaction (0.00001 XLM). Note: other wallets may do this without your permission, so if you use another wallet and they tamper with your account, this message may show up again.

You can Choose either No thanks Or Accept and Continue

4 : Accept Asset

Click the Accept Assets Link in the page that looks like the above , When that page loads , try scroll down and locate this

Then click Accept FRAS. If the action went through then you should see a screen that looks like this.

Scroll back up and click the Balance link , You will notice FRAS showing up in your account list

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