WhatsApp is the favourite baby boy of social media. The dude around every corner. The most popular guy on the block. And for good reason – the ease and success with-which it’s permeated our lives and seeped into our beings is being studied in schools.

Across several industries, we have…

Sometimes we need to take people literally at their word. Not infer a metaphor, not assume an implication. But take them at face value.

The 2020 experience.

For a year that appeared on the horizon promising to take our breath away, it looks like we misread the memo. Not to…

The Wild West era was an interesting one. A literally wild, dangerous period in American history when its Western region was a hot zone for trouble. Outlaws and bandits lined the region like teeth on a comb. …

The Coronavirus is making people antisocial — and that’s totally fine, giving the stakes involved.

In total, at least 81,000 people have been infected with the virus. More than 2800 people have died, with 50 countries feverishly battling the deadliest infection ever to hit the world. Like punches from a many-fisted demon, the whole world is feeling the effects of the virus. Everybody is hit…

Here’s some mystery to boggle your mind today. God wasn’t just in the past, and isn’t just in the present. He’s also in the future. He’s already in 2040 looking over His shoulder to see how well we are catching up with our scientific, technological, psychological and economical babysteps. Once…

As night engulfs the land,

And darkness the entire terrain.

As the activities of the day winds down, and dawn gives way to dawn.

I stare at the sky and behold its dark, black curtain tonight. Stretching everywhere, covering every inch, it continues forever…as far as my eyes can see.

I will write upon a million bricks that I miss you. And hope that none falls on you. Because it hurts too much to miss you.

As Owl City said, the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly. My voice is meant for your hearing. My writings are meant for your reading. My warmth is meant for your cold.

I miss every single bit of you.

Hurry back.

4 and 13th

Are you it?

Are you her?

Am I yet lost?

Have I been found?

Are you there?

Are you here?

Am I there?

Am I here?

Am I near?

Am I far?

Do I run, or walk?

Go, or wait?

Pursue, or relax?

I regret the things I did not write.
My masterpieces which never saw the light of day.
Bestsellers lost to the wind of past carelessness and childish forgetfulness.

I regret words I never said.
To you. To me.
About you. About me.

I regret writing discarded, and drafts deleted.


Don't have to wait for the microphone to find your voice. Don't have to become wealthy to be generous. You don't need mountainous biceps to protect the weak.

Who you are is far removed from what you are. You are who you are irrespective of what you have, or don't.

The whatness of marriage, money, influence only expands, reveals who you were before they arrived.

I love words. Short, long.

Written, spoken, sung, pictured.

It’s how I find balance, how I find expression in a world of a million sounds.

Gbolahan Olayemi

Writing is what gives wings to my mind's contents. Time to let them saturate this space, wild and free.

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