The Simplest Soup

When I was a child, the only soup I would eat was Campbell’s Double Noodle soup. I didn’t really like soup — didn’t like a lot of things when it came to food — so when I came down with a cold and my mom wanted me to have soup, that’s what I ate. But it got boring! And my tastes changed as I grew. I had always loved grilled cheese sandwiches, and the ones my dad made were killer. How could he ruin a perfect sandwich by dunking it in tomato soup? As a picky eater and therefore a poor nutritionist, I thought tomato soup looked horrid and bland. Then, at some point, I gave it a try.

I can’t believe how long it took me to find out that tomato soup is one of the best soups in the world. I’m far from invested in the soup life — I have now tried maybe 10 varieties of soups and stews, enjoying some and turning away from others. But tomato soup is just awesome. It can be made in multiple ways, from a thick and hearty tomato bisque to a rich and creamy soup made from tomato pureé, milk, basil and other potential additions. I’ve had this soup in other parts of the world, and it is consistently wonderful.

Now I understand my dad’s desire to dip crispy grilled cheese sandwiches into fresh, hot tomato soup. And why wouldn’t that be an amazing combination of flavors? Think about it: pizza’s main ingredients are bread, tomato sauce and cheese. Tomato soup takes this unbeatable combo to the next level with the power of dipping! Take the perfect yummy sandwich, dip it in hot, creamy soup, and enjoy. The soup is good on its own, too, though. It’s thick enough for a light meal but simple enough not to make you feel too full. Not to mention how easy it is to make, even from scratch.

Some might say that creamy soup isn’t really a healthy choice, and they’re probably right. But TOMATO is healthy! So things kinda balance out. Me still being fairly picky, I’ve never been a fan of raw tomatoes, so the soup offers me an opportunity to get some of those good nutrients in a tasty way. The people that aren’t interested in tomato soup are truly missing out; it’s the biggest treat available in the soup world, and its ability to be easily combined with the likes of a grilled cheese sandwich make it an unbeatable lunch option.

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