Why You’ll Never Hear This Australian Tell Americans To Give Up Their Guns
Caitlin Johnstone

Michael Moore’s documentary “Bowling for Colombine” offers a rare glimpse into the American psyche that sheds a good deal of light on our gun killings. In one segement he travels a short distance across the Detroit river from near where I grew up, into Windsor Canada. Not a locked door in sight, as many guns per capita as in the U.S., and almost no gun murders whatsoever. While back on the American side Detroit was the “murder capital” of the U.S. Canada and the U.S. — both white settler genocidal imperial cultures, yet while Americans slaughter each other, Canadians do not. Go figure.

In the U.S. violence is portrayed daily in mass media (movies, TV, video games, etc.)as the solution to solving problems. One “scores points,” and “wins the game” by becoming a mass killer of the “other.” This is non-partisan “entertainment” for children in the U.S.

The difference between the “liberal” Obama presidency and the “conservative” Bush presidency became essentially one of identity politics:

“how would you prefer your illegal invasions, immoral drone strikes, murdered civilians, extra-judicial assassinations and overthrows of sovereign nations — with gender specific bathrooms, or without?” (such are the parameters of democratic “choice” in America)

America embraces the use of violence against the “other” like a national religion. To expect that love and national worship of violence not to poison daily life in the U.S. is pure fantasy.

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