Why? (Yam and Wood)
Feyi Fawehinmi

To be honest, it’s the same scenario everywhere you turn in Nigeria. People are busy taking and taking without considering if anything is left for future generations to enjoy. This is literally the case in EVERY SINGLE SECTOR of the country. It’s not surprising at all.

You’d be surprised that many of these guys who are a bit more literate take these monies, send their kids to the best schools, so they can get education or get good jobs in other areas, or join politics as a means of diversifying income sources, so, unlike what you think, they’re actually preparing themselves and their kids for the future, just not in the way you think, so they really couldn’t care less if the yams stop yielding, or if there are no more trees to cut down.

I’m honestly not surprised. It’s the same scenario wherever you turn. People are busy milking everything and every resource dry, without recourse to what the future generations will need.