Sorry your parents lied to you. The world is not perfect. They may have said the path to college is full of racism and privilege and you can’t overcome that point.

They may have said the good jobs go to white privileged kids that didn’t earn it. Someone may have even told you there is no way to make it in the NFL or Major League Baseball.

I bet someone at some point said you can’t start a business because you are not smart enough and the deck is stacked against you. Maybe you are just a failure.

There is not such thing as racism, sexism, any kind of ISM that can stop you unless you let it.

Stop letting other people tell you what is possible. Yes bad things exist and happen to people everyday. Yes I see the world differently but that is by choice.

You are alive so you have something to contribute. Get out there and make the reality you want and leave the excuses for other people.

Your parents may not have told you life was hard but it is. Those hard things either make you stationary or stronger. Stationary bikes never see the world as it could be so why stay still?

Get up and be stronger! Stop letting the world tell you what is possible and start showing the world what is achievable.

Today is a new day so don’t waste it.

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