The (Not so) Perfect Family

You know that family that always seemed to be just right? They had a boy and girl that both did good in school. They went to church and mom stayed home with the kids. They had a cabin at the lake. They never had any issues with drugs or alcohol. Dad was a pillar of the community and mom served on all the committees.

Did you wish you were in that family? Did you ever wonder why your family was the messed up one? What did they do that prevented their family from being all messed up? I mean they really were the perfect family and never faced any issues! Right?

Not true at all because the only perfect family is the one you don’t know their whole story!

I actually know that family and the behind the scenes stuff. They are a great family and love each other deeply but it was not perfect or without bumps along the road.

My point is not their family as much as yours. Your family is what it is. That is a favorite saying of mine I stole from a great mentor of mine. Your family is the one God gave you for better or for worse. We all have flaws and cracks in the foundation but that doesn’t mean we focus on those flaws. It certainly doesn’t mean we should blame them for our own failure in life.

Bad things happen to people and some parents are just terrible. Don’t Google bad parents because it will just make you mad. The point is by the time you are 20 or maybe 25 you really can’t blame your parents for why your life is not perfect. If you want to blame them and spend another 10 or 70 years not living the way God ultimately wanted you to live then go for it.

If you want to take responsibility for your own happiness and path in life then get moving. Excuses and blame are a great way to get attention for lazy people. Achievements and happiness are a great way to not care about other people paying attention to you.

Go out and make your own path and build a life you always wanted DESPITE the past.

I talk to people every day that wish and hope and plan (actually they are just wishing if they never take steps) for a different life. I always say the same thing, “You can start today and not be so far away from it tomorrow”. Most people won’t start and those that do will quit. The one or two brave souls that break out can live the dream God put inside them and build a story that inspires and causes other people to break out.

What is your dream and what is holding you back? I bet if you are honest it is not your past or your surroundings. It is YOU!

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