NMI Capstone Portfolio

My final semester in the New Media Institute was my favorite one yet. Not only was I able to work with a group of dedicated students to create our Capstone project, but our client was UGA Athletics. Our goal was to create a sophisticated beta of a second-screen app that would be used when UGA fans can’t be in Athens to watch their favorite sports. Each step of the project got us closer to our goal, but I’d like to go over what I did specifically throughout the semester.

The Contract- The Team Contract was our first group assignment. We were tasked with creating a document that would let people know what each team member’s specific role was, what our project was, and what to do in situations where disagreements may occur. During class my team sat down to define each of our roles based on our strengths and the details of how we would work together. After this initial discussion, I took what we had discussed as a group and put it into formal paragraphs under the Project, Goals, Communication and Culture, Unknowns and Adjustments, and Commitment to the Project sections, as well as my own individual role.

The Research- The second group assignment we had was research. As a group we researched second-screen apps and how they are used in various aspects of college and professional sports. I was responsible for researching how other colleges use second-screen apps in sports. I found many articles about colleges that rely on ESPN, College Football Playoff, and NCAA Sports to provide fans with information about their teams. I also downloaded and took notes on third-party apps made for UGA fans, such as UGA Vault, Georgia Bulldogs Gameday, and Georgia Bulldogs SuperFans.

The Project Plan- For the Project Plan, my team met with our client Jen Galas, UGA Athletics’ Associate Director of Digital Services for Social Media. This meeting gave our group a vision of where we wanted to take this project. Jen gave us a very broad overview of what she wanted to see in the app, but overall trusted us to come up with an unique experience for fans who can’t make it to UGA games. We decided to base our app around the idea of creating a community space for UGA fans using a combination of social media platforms.

The Wireframe- After the Project Plan, we began to work on the Wireframe. For the Wireframe, I worked in Canva to design the look and feel of our project. Megan then uploaded the screens I had created to Marvel to finalize our Wireframe.

The Homepage, News, and Profile pages of the Sic ’Em Sports Wireframe

SLAM Planning- After the Wireframe Presentations, we were able to get great feedback from both professors and students about the look of our app, as well as ways to make it more user-friendly. Megan and Jill continued to work on the beta and website, while Danielle and I began to look ahead to SLAM.

The Poster- We decided that our booth would be a sort of “tailgate” so attendees could come to learn about our app, while enjoying a UGA tradition complete with snacks and sodas. We also decided to create a brochure for our handout at SLAM that Danielle would work on. I was responsible for the Project Poster and for printing both it and the brochures for the day of SLAM.

Sic ’Em Sports Project Poster

Stage Presentations- When it came time for Stage Presentations, I used Canva to design the slides to showcase the purpose of our app, who we would use it, and the main features. I then uploaded these slides to a Keynote presentation and discussed the structure and order of the presentation with my group to prepare us for the presentation in class.

Slide from Stage Presentation

The Trailer- The last assignment I worked on before SLAM was the trailer. Megan was able to film her roommates acting out a scene in which Sic ’Em Sports would be used. She then sent me the video and I worked in iMovie to complete the story with titles, music, and information about the apps features. I then uploaded the video to YouTube.