Reflecting on High School

Recently I have started to reflect back on how high school was a time in which we all wanted to get out of quickly. Looking back though I have seen that I miss that. Everybody wanted to get out of high school to get liberty. Oddly, when we were high school we had that liberty. I started to think back when I found one of the articles I had to write about in journalism class, and even though it hold truth in the moment it now holds way more truth:

What does SUHi mean to me? That is the question that many of us may be asking in our last year here at SUHi, our senior year, the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. To me, SUHi means all the friendships, the fun, the laughter, trying to finish the homework before class starts, the girl I had a crush on, the time I ate pie, the stressful moments while taking tests… I remember that the first class I took here in SUHi was P.E. with Mr. Balsely. I remember that I was nervous starting school as a freshman in the school of Red Devils. I remember I didn’t know where to go. Thankfully, a Link Crew member helped me to get to the P.E. area, where I saw my friend Christopher. I got really happy to have a class with someone I knew. From then on, I met many other friends, so many to count but all of them special and unique. It was in this school where I found myself, who I really was — the random, happy, hyper, always laughing Gustavo. I didn’t have to change to fit somewhere, because here in SUHi we are all family. Even before I came to SUHi there was a student who once protected me from bullies; we were family even before I was a Red Devil.
What all my teachers shared in common was their passion for teaching and wanting the best for us. If we were down, they tried to make us smile. Many memories of the past four years come to me just as I sit here in Cobian’s room looking outside at what is and will forever be my Alma Mater. The moment my milk spilled out of my sweater in AP Lit. The moments I ate candy during P.E. and got super hyper. The moment my friend Heidi and I started to laugh almost every time during Earth science. The moment I started to laugh in World Cultures because my friend David cleaned off the dust on his desk with Mr. Pelletier’s puppet (by the way, sorry Mr. Pelletier). The moments I just laughed for no reason. The moments in Medical Term in which my friends Ashley, Becky, Chris and I took food to class and made little parties. The moment in which … No matter what memory comes to mind each one is important and made me who I am. Even if I didn’t mention you my friend, we still had very fun moments. I still remember the day I first stepped onto SUHi as an official freshman not knowing what to do, just like the first day of kindergarten in which my parents left and I started crying for them to come back.
I will miss everything of SUHi
Luckily at the end though the memories will stay with me