Are You a Job Hopper?

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Let’s get to the point. Have you ever been asked this question at an interview, “You seem to move around a lot with your job. Is there a reason why?”

You can give all of the answers you want to explain each place, but a more realistic answer would be something like, “Obviously, the companies didn’t fulfill my needs. Will yours?”

I think one of the biggest mistake companies make when hiring is not getting to know their candidates more; what their aspirations in life really are. If it’s family, be sure that they won’t be likely to work late nights. Or, if they do, they won’t be happy about it. Happiness matters to people. If it’s friends, say goodbye to weekend work. If it’s precision and efficiency, they won’t like chaos or re-doing their work over and over, and they definitely won’t enjoy unclear requirements from the start. If it’s chaos and imbalance, that’s what they’re going to bring into your company.

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Explain to them that your environment might be too chaotic and doesn’t have any structure. Come clean that your company is pretty much a mess and it’s been a mess for 10 years, and no one will change it. Glassdoor reviews are good at this, and that’s why companies try to hide it by having their loyal people “review” their own company to get a better grade. I’ve been with at least two different companies where they ask their employees to do that. And just by reading some 5 star Glassdoor reviews, you can tell who they are. Especially if the number of 1 star and 5 stars are higher than any other.

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So let’s see reality for what it is. Our company sucks. Instead of fixing what sucks, let’s put a facade to make it seem like we’re an awesome company. Then you wonder why the turnover rate is higher than a restaurant. Sounds like the behavior of a mentally ill person, and intelligent people will see this for what it is. You’re most likely going to hire and retain only people who happen to not be so intelligent, who will essentially worsen the situation at your company. I know it’s possible because I’ve worked at those kinds of companies in the past, so there’s no excuse why any other company won’t be able to do it.

Need more? I’ve been married 17 years, owned my own side business since 2007, have managed side projects for over a decade. So, don’t tell me that I have commitment issues. It’s definitely not me. It’s you.

I simply ask for processes to be in place and followed, requirements to be clear, efficiency, and discipline, and you’ll make my day. You’d be surprised at the number of companies that don’t have those things in place, or who promise that they will put processes in place just to get you through the door.