Top JavaScript Frameworks & Topics to Learn in 2017
Eric Elliott

The only funny thing that I find about this article is that based on this other article,js-jquery, it seems to me that there are more people looking for angular help even though their popularity on the web is incomparable (96.2% for jquery vs 0.6% for angular). This tells me that developers need more help with angular than jquery. Most likely because it’s not intuitive enough, so you constantly have to check the docs, while jquery is highly intuitive, so people don’t search for much help on it.

I would also have to say that the number of job postings means nothing since it’s all marketing buzzwords. The trend that I do see happening is that the more people get into angular, the more help they need. That’s not a framework I want to integrate in my development. The more jQuery evolves, the less you need to go back and re-program anything. The more angular you use, the more help you need with it, and most likely get stuck in a black hole of a complicated mess. Just my perception.

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