Simplifying Emov to its bare wireframe state.

Wireframes give a simple visual representation of how the flow of the app will be. It should be done in black and white and with just enough detail to be understood by someone else, without distracting from the goal.

What is the Emov?

Emov is an app to rent an electric car for short periods of time. It uses Vulog to operate and was launched on December 15, 2016, in Madrid with 500 electric Citroens in the fleet. By early January 2017, there were already 40,000 users in the city.

Using Sketch, I created a wireframe version of the Emov app.

This made me think about which text labels were important, which visual elements needed to be there and which don’t in order to communicate the idea efficiently.

My simple design, basic shapes, and lack of styling wireframe.I have kept the important information and interactive icons (like the user login) and I have omitted less important information (like map location icons and images).

At the end of this exercise I gained experience in how to create wireframes quickly;how much information/detail to put in in order to communicate ideas successfully;where to hold back on details in order to avoid distractions(over copy, logo design, font choices, image choices)

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