ASUS ZenPower Ultra, Pilihan Terbaik Untuk Gadget Masa Kini

SOFTRICKINFO.COM — As a technology company, Asus has always tried to provide the best to its users. Proven since venturing into the smartphone market, his name immediately skyrocketed among users. Many people who then compete for the use of their products, be it tablet or Zenfone Zenpad as a mobile device. They all have excellent support from Asus and its users.

ASUS ZenPower Ultra, Best Choice for Gadget Present

ASUS ZenPower Ultra 20100 mAh

Not only creating a line of smartphones that quality, Asus also increasingly demonstrate their seriousness by launching a range of products that support every gadget they offer in the market, one of which is power special bank that they present exclusively for Zenfans scattered in various countries, is no exception Indonesia.

Talking about POWERBANK Asus, until now there have been several types of POWERBANK launched by a company based in Taiwan. Call it the ASUS Zenpower (first generation) which has a capacity of 10050 mAh, ASUS Zenpower Pro with the same capacity, but provide many options like dual ports, and LED flash. Followed by ASUS Zenpower Ultra. You could say the latest product from ASUS is penyempuraan of Zenpower preexisting.

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ASUS Zenpower Ultra 20100 mAh

POWERBANK with a capacity of 20100 mAh

ASUS Zenpower Ultra 20100 mAh

Having managed to amaze users with presence Zenpower and Zenpower Pro, ASUS has recently again presents a latest bank power is no less sophisticated. ASUS Zenpower Ultra is a very powerful power that is available today. Judging from power alone is certainly sophisticated chargers that can make the device that we have always lit all the time. With a super large capacity, Zenpower Ultra capable of charging up to more than three times.

Large Capacity and More Efficient

What makes interested when he first saw a power bank? Of course capacity. ASUS already answered it through Zenpower products they provide, and now continued by Zenpower Ultra with capacity reaching up to 20100 mAh. Enormous power to charge mobile devices that we use up many times.

Simply perform charging for 7.5 hours, Zenpower 20100 mAh Ultra is already filled 100 percent. 46 percent faster than the filling in general. That’s because Zenpower Ultra is equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology, so that the charging process can dialakukan faster.

With its capacity of 20100 mAh, Zenpower Ultar capable of charging 4 times for devices Zenfone Zoom, 3 times for devices Zenfone Max, and 5 times for the Zenfone 2 Laser.tentu not only on these devices, Zenpower Ultra can also be used for charging other ASUS devices up to many times.

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Shown with Simple Yet Elegant fixed

Similar to the previous Zenpower row, Zenpower Ultra comes with a simple model, but it still looks elegant. Products launched around the middle of 2016 still carry the typical ASUS Zen style. Body Zenpower Ultra specially designed using materials made from aluminum, is decorated with a model of concentric circles. The form is also impressive that high power capability and the bank has tremendous capacity. To gave the choice to users, ASUS released the Ultra Zenpower in several color variants, black, silver, and pink.

ASUS ZenPower Ultra Fast Charging

ASUS ZenPower 20100 mAh with Fast Charging technology

Zenpower Ultra, More Than POWERBANK

With a variety of features and capabilities of the flyer to her, making ASUS Zenpower Ultra is not just a regular POWERBANK. Yes, in addition to charging the device up several times, have the ability to fast charging, and quick recharge, POWERBANK this one also can be relied upon when it is dark. Why? Because Zenpower Ultra equipped with LED flash that can function as a flashlight. Light generated can help us see in the dark, and light up when we were in low light.

Passed Tests with Best Quality

Prior to launch in the market, products ASUS first undergo a series of tests. So from the feasibility test is obtained quality products that are ready to be distributed to users. This was no exception to the Zenpower Ultra. after undergoing prosuses production, the product is then subjected to a fairly extreme tests, such as test loads up to 50kg, 5000 times the USB plug test, and 80 cm drop test.

Equipped Super Sophisticated Security number

Through Zenpower 20100 mAh Ultra, ASUS not only provide convenience and comfort to Zenfans, but also security. Evidenced by the presence of various super-sophisticated security are pinned on this newest product. Yes, ASUS Zenpower is equipped with a number of PowerSafe Technology which includes includes temperature protection, short circuit protection, rest protection, over charge / over discharge protection, adapters protection, output over-voltage protection, and many other protection.

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Assurance International Certification

Still not sure if Zenpower Ultra exceptional and sophisticated is very safe? If you mengnjungi ASUS Zenpower Ultra landing page, you will get a statement that the product is successfully lead by eight international certificates as well as to a matter of protection. So, it is not necessary anymore diragunakan capabilities as well as its safety.

Visit also the Official Home ASUS ZenPower Ultra 20100 mAh for more information.