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There are many ways you can do to make money via the internet. In addition to sales and write a blog, you can also harness the power of social media that you have as field crops. Do not have to be a famous artist first and could collect money coffers through sosmed, you can do it accurately and quickly with just a few steps. Because it’s been a lot of services that can help you work online.

Towards the end of 2016 and then, introduced a service called SociaBuzz by a friend who worked as a buzzer or influencer. In short, SociaBuzz is an online-based service that can help us earn money through social media. By registering as an Advertiser or Influencer in this service, so we can be connected if you find members who fit what we wanted.

SociaBuzz, Solusi Tepat dan Cepat Hasilkan Uang dari Sosial Media

There are four popular social media, which is now connected to SociaBuzz services, namely Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Blog. If you are already signed up and connect all the social media-mu kea SociaBuzz kun, you can enjoy various attractive services offered by SociaBuzz on each of these sosmed.

Here are some things you can do in social media that have been integrated with SociaBuzz.


developments SociaBuzz

SociaBuzz started up since 2012. In fact, reportedly Companies Marketing Platform that this one had received sizable donations from an investor from Kudus, Central Java. Through these investments, the most popular influencers services that are increasingly spread its wings and improve its quality as a platform capable of connecting advertisers and buzzer, especially those in Indonesia.

As a company that offers network and services for the advertiser and the buzzer become their partners, SociaBuzz continue trying to establish cooperation with several parties. Through his official website, we can see that they have become partners of BCA, Toyota,, Samsung, and many other well-known brand. In 2015, there were about 2,700 account potential buzzer that joined SociaBuzz. Of course, the number grows to this day.

- Paid Endorse

- Paid to Promote


- Product Review

- Advertorial

- Content Placement


- Product Review

- Tutorial

- Vlog


- Promotion through a series of interesting Tweet

- Doing Tweet with a predetermined time

How To Make Money Through SociaBuzz

If you have to join the site as an Influencer or buzzer, then you just need to connect all of your social media accounts you have, of course, the social media that have become part of the SociaBuzz as previously described. After that you stay complement personal profile and a profile on every account that is connected with this service. The more complete your profile, then the advertisers will be more interested to cooperate.

Cara Mendapatkan Penghasilan Melalui SociaBuzz

Do not forget to fill other important data such as price quotes for each post or campaign that will be carried out, and the method of payment. If everything is fine, just wait for good news from the team SociaBuzz. For more info about SociaBuzz, you can simply visit his website at

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