Viral Content Free Gasoline, Pertamina: Alert HOAX!

The last few days of social media timeline filled with news from Pertamina. Government-owned fuel company is reportedly eliminate the charging of fuel oil (BBM) for its customers. In a picture spread on Facebook, be informed that on 29–30 February 2017, we can refill the gas at Pertamina for free, even full tank. The news instantly viral on various social networks.

Viral Isi Bensin Gratis, Pertamina: Waspada HOAX!

From the observation on Sunday (19/02/2017), petrol filling gartsinya news was denied by Pertamina. In an image circulating online media, it appears that Pertamina already know there are others who use their names. Aehingga Pertamina respond to such information.

Both the news was received various responses from the virtual world. Most anyone considers that the issue tersbut for fun or meme alone. Given a date in February of 2017, especially in just 28 days. While the news is the date a little less fair, namely 29 and 30.

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Most of the others is also considered that Pertamina too serious about it. Pertamina action is not without reason. Besides could harm pertamina and make people feel lied to, on behalf of Pertamina to act a thing can be detrimental, also has the potential to create a bad image to Pertamina in society.

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