We are at a turning point in human history. The world is more interconnected than ever… both physically and digitally, and things are evolving and changing faster than ever before. And new platforms that help people in need are now even more critical during our current crisis.

Two years ago when I decided to start spending time on philanthropy as well as work on startups, I didn’t initially have a clear plan of what I wanted to focus on. was created to be a research foundation. Having met with many philanthropists and charities, done a lot of reading, and spoken with friends and colleagues who volunteer their time, I realized that there wasn’t just one area or passion to which I kept returning. Instead, there were a wide range of global issues that I felt were very important and needed support.

As we talked to nonprofits, we realized many of these organizations spend a large portion of their time raising money, applying for grants, or building basic online infrastructure, instead of focusing on their core mission. So after several brainstorming sessions with a great team of founders and developers with similar goals, we decided to create a new product that could be helpful to every nonprofit organization.

I’m excited to introduce, the first nonprofit project that I’m funding and helping design. is a new platform to connect donors and nonprofits. It allows people to easily support any 501(c)(3) nonprofit with donations, discover nonprofits their friends trust, manage all donations in one place, and create ripple effects by sharing why they support an organization. As a nonprofit which supports nonprofits, our mission is to provide consistent financial support to nonprofits by facilitating monthly donations. So nonprofits can spend less time raising money or maintaining donation websites, and more time tackling humanity’s most pressing problems.

Please join, and give what you can. Every monthly donation helps, and everyone can now make a difference with just a few clicks. If you run a nonprofit, please get in touch and let us know how we can best support you.

We need to help each other now more than ever, please join me in supporting nonprofit organizations around the world… every donation helps.

-Garrett Camp

founder @expa

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Garrett Camp

Garrett Camp

founder @expa

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