Mix.com is open to everyone

Garrett Camp
3 min readAug 1, 2017

We’re excited to release Expa’s newest project to the public today: Mix.com — the simplest way to discover great content matched to your interests. Mix is now open to everyone on iOS, so be sure to sign up today to reserve your page at mix.com/name.

Our approach with Mix is different from most popular social discovery and news apps as it’s not just focused on real-time news, and posts from your friends. Instead of a timeline-based feed, your recommendations are based on a semantic and social graph… what you like + who you know. Rather than a traditional “newsfeed”, on Mix you simply swipe through a sequence of recommended pages, each of which is matched to your interests and/or endorsed by people you know and trust. This concept builds in part on the legacy of StumbleUpon, which Expa acquired a little more than a year ago. In addition to bringing on a great team from StumbleUpon, we hired additional talent to start applying what we learned to create a more flexible and modern platform for personalized recommendations.

Often the best content for you has the overlap of multiple characteristics: its new, several friends like it, it’s related to your personal interests, and it’s trending among people with similar tastes. Mix will rank content based on all of these characteristics, to help identify the best content for you. While some social signals will be used in Mix, they won’t be the dominant factor in what you see. We will ensure you aren’t just seeing the latest or most popular content, but the stuff that we believe you will actually like the most.

There have been four fundamental stages on the web: First, there was directories with Yahoo. Then there was search with Google. After that came social, with Facebook and Twitter. We are now amidst a fourth phase: Curated discovery. There is so much news, content, and noise in the market today that the ability to have human experts surface the best photos, videos and pages is becoming increasingly important. This is why we created Mix, to help you discover things you’ll like, from people you trust.

We are building Mix for creators, curators, and consumers. While many apps see the majority of their users as primarily content consumers, we’d like Mix to be a place where people contribute high-quality web content they find everyday, and have everyone involved in the curation of our database. We want people to use Mix to actively express themselves, as they add content they want to save or share to their public page at Mix.com/name. One click of the Mix button lets you save and share great content in a personalized way.

We’d love to hear your feedback on Mix, any comments, suggestions or ideas. We are also creating a distributed organization looking to hire great talent from anywhere to help build Mix, including those working fully remotely. If you’d like to join our team, apply here.

Give it a try at Mix.com!

-Garrett Camp