i am deeply sorry. i am sorry for what the american people have decided. yes, this was not my choice but by the “democratic” process Donald Trump is now my president too. this affects everyone across the world.

so here is my heartfelt apology:

to muslims, i’m sorry about the hate this will bring you. i’m sorry about the way you will be typecast in everything you do in relationship to the usa. and to muslim-americans, i’m sorry for how you will be treated in your work and school environments under this hateful dictator. your faith and heritage makes you strong. i will fight with you.

to the lgbtqia+ community, i’m sorry that after waiting for so long to have someone endorse and fight for your rights on a political stage that you are now forced to relive what you’ve fought so valiantly for your entire lives. it isn’t right, you should be able to be as open and positive as any straight person is when they talk about their orientation. you’re brave and strong and i will fight with you.

to every transgender or gender non conforming american, i’m so sorry that people who think you beneath them are in charge of our government. they are afraid of what they can not fathom and fear of the unknown is the most dangerous spark. you’re strong and resilient and i will fight with you.

to every undocumented immigrant or child of immigrants, i’m sorry. america is a community of immigrants and it is deplorable that we can not remember that. we are not the rightful heirs of this land and using that knowledge to scapegoat others is despicable. immigrants come in all nationalities, hues, religions and languages and you are just trying to make a better life for yourself and your children and the generations that follow. i will fight with you.

to every first nations citizen. i’m so deeply sorry. the dapl is terrible enough, but the fact that you now must face a racist who only cares about economic gain makes my heart cry for you. you’re the reason this land exists, the reason our forefathers fell in love with it and century after century the “american” people have taken advantage of that. you’re brave, kind souls and i’m constantly in awe of your resilience. i will fight with you.

to black-americans. i’m so sorry this country can’t understand that it needs to accept you. your lives matter tenfold and it is appalling that after everything this country has gone through, we are still not able to make it right for you. you deserve better and you deserve to feel safe and loved and respected in the place you call home. there is no reason why you should feel not wanted when you’re a bigger part of american history than the majority of the people who claim to shape this country. your resilience inspires me and i will fight with you.

to my fellow women: i’m sorry. we live in a society that would rather elect an unqualified fascist than a woman who has spent her entire career trying to achieve the same respect as any man she has faced. she was vilified because of her public life and the errors made by those around her. she was far from being a perfect candidate, but she represented change and that should not be overlooked. i will continue to fight with you.

to those who can’t vote because of age or a minor misdemeanor that makes you ineligible, i’m sorry. america has let you down and i just hope that you can rise above this and continue to let your voice be heard. i will fight for you until you can fight alongside us.

i will continue to fight to make sure that everyone, despite the color of their skin; religion; sexual orientation; and gender identity has the same respect and basic human rights as every other person. hate may have won the battle, but love will win this war.