Hi, fellows this is my day two in the bootcamp and it is that simple to be a bootcamper. I am happy to be part of this. Honestly, bootcamp is not what I originally thought it was, it was so interactive and awesome not to mention their beautiful lunch. How do they know I like white rice and chicken sauce wow! It was delicious I guess they must have coded people’s delicacies out! lol..

Now let’s come back to business, I was introduced to learning the syntax of ruby programming language and guys I bet you ruby is awesome. Seriously, ruby is so sexy that it makes me feel like am writing a copy of this blog though I was coding. I encourage you guys to try it out using on codecademy.com/learn just for starters.

How many of you guys have used git and github. Guys seriously it is good for collaboration. Now I know why it is more preferred to bitbucket. Its approach to version control is very flexible and encouraging. It implements simple commands to manipulate text files and is really efficient to share code.Thanks to bootcamp that made me know this.

Well guys, that’s all for day two, now guys I’ve got to go because I have some food for thought to eat tomorrow.


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