Refinements with Flow

Aug 5, 2016 · 2 min read

A refinement type is a type endowed with a predicate which must hold for all instances of the refined type

For example the type Integer can be defined as the pair

Integer = ( number, (n) => n % 1 === 0 )

where number is the refined type and (n) => n % 1 === 0 is the predicate.

This is a proof of concept, the goal here is to implement refinements without boxing values.

The idea

A refinement has the following blueprint (where A is the refined type)

// myrefinement.js
  • calling the function refinement should be the only legal way to get an instance of R
  • the class IsR must not be exported. If the constructor is not exported then users of the library that defined R can’t accidentally build a value v of type R (unless they voluntarily do an unsafe cast with ((v: any): R) which should be avoided)
  • collisions between two refinements of the same refined type A are not possible because of their corresponding nominal IsR types

A first example, integers

// integer.js

Let’s see how you can use the integer.js module

import type { Integer } from './integer.js'
import { integer } from './integer.js'

So an Integer is a number but a number is not an Integer. Nice.

Polymorphic refinements

The refined type A can be polymorfic (e.g. Array<*>).

Let’s define a refinement which represents a non empty array

// nonEmptyArray.js


import type { NonEmptyArray } from './nonEmptyArray.js'
import { nonEmptyArray } from './nonEmptyArray.js'


Every refinement type is also an Object

function foo(x: Object) { ... }

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