• Steven McClelland

    Steven McClelland

    I like building things.

  • Marc vanlerberghe

    Marc vanlerberghe

  • SteveALee


    Open web accessibility consulting, developing and chatter

  • Josh Miele

    Josh Miele

    NY blind kid -- UCB Physics student -- Berkeley Systems Pilot -- Psychoacoustics PHD -- SKERI scientist -- VDRDC Director.

  • Oluwajoba OKEDIJI

    Oluwajoba OKEDIJI

    On a mission for Africa. | Serial Entrepreneur: Farmer, ICT4AgDev, Agribusiness, Tech4Value, Automobiles...

  • Oficina Antivigilância

    Oficina Antivigilância

    Novidades da Oficina Antivigilância, notícias sobre segurança e privacidade

  • Robbie K Baxter

    Robbie K Baxter

    Author of THE FOREVER TRANSACTION & THE MEMBERSHIP ECONOMY; Leading expert on membership models and subscription pricing. http://www.robbiekellmanbaxter.com

  • lisa rokusek

    lisa rokusek

    Recruiter: A harbinger of opportunity. I present rarefied roles & real results. A strong cup of coffee. Swimming outside the norm. http://www.lisarokusek.com

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