As we dive more and more in helm charts and we become true bulwarks of yaml writing (YamlOps engineers!), sometimes there is a need to use some template logic to introduce different behaviors in our helm charts; when it occurs, we have more options to customize helm charts (and often reuse them) but still, we have another problem: with more powers, comes more bugs!

To avoid some bugs on the template logic or even have guarantees that the behavior will not be changed by accident (regression) in the future, we can leverage unit tests as we do in software (a…

How to securely manage your secrets inside your application workflow

A simple question that pops in every application development cycle is: where do I keep the credentials/secrets used by my application?

Before we dive into the “world of secrets” lets align some concepts first: in the context of this post, what is a secret?

We’re going to assume that a secret is a piece of information that will be used to access some resource (like databases, apis, etc.) and cannot be made public for security reasons.

In this way, when we say “Secrets as a Code”, we’re talking about one…

Gabriel Abdalla Cavalcante

Father, CNCF Adopter, Python Developer, Lean Practitioner, Husband, Biker.

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