Denial will not save you. Your doubt is but foolishness, just as your mockery a thing of insanity. He sees it all, knows it all, has cast it all. Destiny and time sit in the palm of His mighty hand... And He sees.
Justice, iniquity, love, hate? He cares for none of this. Solely one thing concerns Him, those who are His slaves and those who think otherwise.
For those He deems loyal servants, He constantly slaps them to the rack and tautens their existence to specified limit, if only to make them perfect. And as for those who reject Him, theirs is a life already judged and found guilty, if only to make His slaves perfect. 
I am not servant nor do I reject. I stand apart from such petty mortal dilemmas. There is no denying His Greatness, but I do not stand in awe. I am merely Fallen, and He and I need discuss far greater matters.

Cartaphilus (A Tale of the Fallen: Lilith coming soon) 
© by Grace Charles

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