Emily and Emilia sat beside each other, their identical reflections gracing the large mirror in front of them. Emily was the one smiling as she did her make-up, seductively staring at her twin in the mirror. Emilia wasn't smiling. Her eyes were deep in ponder, and her face stoic in applying blush to her cheek. 
As always, they were complete opposites, and neither one dared step into the other's shoes. They were not the same, and yet, more alike than anyone else in the world. 
Emily was a firecracker. She was beautiful, and she knew it. She flaunted her good looks wherever she went, likewise, to whoever she saw. Fiery red hair, pale porcelain skin, stark green eyes, the lips of an angel, the body of a temptress. She was everything that Emilia was not. 
Emilia was a bore. She was lacking, and she reveled in it. She hid her face and body as best as she could, as well as with the ugliest of garments and hairstyles. Rusty red hair, sickly white skin, dull green eyes, an everlasting frown, and absolutely lifeless. She was everything that Emily was not. 
Still, they weren't complete without the other, because what one knew the other learned. The books Emilia had read in her isolation, the haunting self relections which reminded her of her insignificance in the world, the hope that she could one day be like her sister, all this was made part of Emily's life as well. Just as the pride Emily bore in her bosom, the recognition of the beauty all around her, and the hope that she could one day be like her sister, all that was part of Emilia too.
And tonight, just as she had so many times before, Emilia was going to share something else with Emily. 
"You look beautiful," said Emilia with her weary eyes on her sister. 
Emily turned and graced her sister with a smile. "We are beautiful."
Emilia grinned, just as Emily stood to answer the knock that came to the door. 
Immediately, Emilia went to her room and locked the door. Her bed was neatly made and she lay flat on the covers. Her eyes examined the light above her, and her breathing was calm and steady. 
Emily opened the door, and let the handsome blonde man she'd met at the library come in. 
"Make yourself at home," she said. 
The young man did as he was told, reclining to reveal his Adonis like good looks. 
"Nice place," he found nothing better to say. 
Emily giggled, and so did Emilia. 
"You have no idea," said Emily making her way over to the young man seated on the couch. 
She wasted no time straddling him, grabbing the back of his head, and kissing him as passionately as she could. 
Emilia lay on her back and could feel the steamy kiss on her own lips. And just as Emily's heart began racing, her hips riding her admirer's already buldging manhood, Emilia identically felt the pressure, slowly touching herself as it mounted. 
Soon enough, every kiss, every cry, every thrust and bliss was given to Emilia through Emily's own ecstasy. 
When it was over, the blonde was shown out just like those before him, and the sisters were finally side by side. 
"That was amazing," said Emilia. 
"Do I know how to pick'em, or do I know how to pick'em?"
The two sisters laughed up a storm, sharing a warm embrace. 
"Okay," said Emilia breaking the hold. "You need to take a shower. And when you're done, I'll read The Grapes of Wrath for us."
"Oh, John Steinbeck," exclaimed Emily heading off to the bathroom. "I do so love when we read the classics."
"To tell you the truth," said Emilia stopping her sister in her tracks. "I sorta wish we we're still fucking."
"Makes you wonder which one of us is really which, doesn't it?" replied Emily. 
The two of them then simply stared upon each other without a single word, up until their laughter returned happiness to a already splendid evening.

(c) by Grace Charles 
The Owl's Divine 
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