He approached me with a boyish smile that almost appeared rehearsed. His voice was deep, arousing every fiber of my being. Even now I smile from the sensation, reminiscing on how he made me feel with only his words.

They were eloquent, dancing in a song that flowed within his heavy accent; yet another thing I couldn't easily forget.

He invited me for wine and a moonlit walk on the beach. His arms never left my bare shoulders, and no permission was given when he captivated me with a hot and powerful kiss. It was one that stole my breath away, lustfully tantalizing the treasure I was hiding.

We soon became entangled in a twisting vertigo-like lust, our bodies as one and hearts racing like wildfire.

He drove himself deep into me, drawing my wanting gasp with each thrust. Of course, I accepted his escalating persuasion, only now realizing just how much my craving for him intensified with each passing moment.

It was hot, with a hypnotic madness over taking me. It was an invasion which I longed for and never wanted to end.

Deeper he went, deeper with each lunge, satiating my hungry desire. And when I shivered from seeing his face contort from his intense explosion, I relished each moment of his essence filling my womb with warm flowing life.

It was in that moment that I knew he was truly mine.

Body and soul.

Never realizing that as he gave himself to me, I was taking everything that he was.

- Grace Charles - (excerpt from A Tale Of The Fallen: Lilith) Coming 2017
© by Grace Charles