Heard are the wailers, for their tears I shall cease. Praised are the defiant, for I shall stand them tall. Cherished are the blasphemers, for I shall give them voice to speak.

I will never hold back your true thoughts, instead I shall mold them for you. I shall never ask you to lie to yourself, in place, adoring your imperfections and desires. I will never forsake you in times of darkness, in point of fact, I will extinguish all light in your honor.

Come to me, take rest, drink and be merry. Dismiss the rules, those shackles which have bound you for so very long. Come to me, and be given all you want. Yes indeed, glory are the Fallen, for theirs is whatever they want.

I promise.

Sammael (A Tale Of The Fallen: Lilith Coming Soon)
© 2016 by Grace Charles

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