I walk alone, dreading the days ahead. My hair has seen no silver, and my eyes are always determined. Sadly, if you look closely, you will see an eternity of torment and trial. My body has grown stronger, sturdier even, but my soul withers with each passing of time. The soles of my feet have become leather from my walks, carrying me from ancient kingdoms to modern marvels.

I have seen it all, from the destruction of a wall to the fall of an eternal gate, the rise of the Son to mysteries unraveled through logic, I have been there, and I have watched. Sometimes a pauper, sometimes a ruler, sometimes a sinner, sometimes a saint. But now I am so much more, now I am the forger of history. No longer a bystander, I mold its unraveling, casting the die on all life, directing the course of humanity toward its final act.

Many pity me, others despise. I have loved, I have lost. The world has ruled me, now I rule the world. I am the nightmare scenario, I am apocalypse, I am the end. Peace must be found, and sacrifice is but a small price to pay. Many...All for the one, I accept my fate, accept yours. Pray, embrace His mercy, for He is coming. Even if I must drag Him kicking and screaming...

He is coming.

Cartaphilus (A Tale Of The Fallen: Lilith Coming Soon)
Copyright by Grace Charles 

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