“Like a viper amongst virgins, so will you be amongst mortals,”.

 “Damned of the abyss, pay homage to your Queen, for her banner waves in my honor and sustains me with her hate and lust.”

 “My Queen you shall be,” said the darkness.

 “Your lust sends forth its fragrance; a sweet sinful smell to me. Behold, you are beautiful with odium and iniquity, my beloved! Yes, pleasant! And just as our bed is fire, the flames are dyed red with blood and our rafters with tears. I am the sire of pain and the conductor of vile sin.”

 “Like thorns amongst roses, so is my lust amongst the damned,”

 “Rise up my love; my damned one and come to me. For lo’, the sun is passed and the wind is gone. The hatred appears on the earth and the time of distress has come. The cries of the tortured are heard in our kingdom. The spiders put forth their webs and the worms their slime. Give a good aroma. Rise up my love, my damned one and come to me.”

Lilith’s Journal (A Tale of the Fallen: Lilith Coming 2017)
 © 2016 by Grace Charles