Once again, I present a tale from the seductive halls of The Owl’s Divine. A place where questions concerning one’s true self are answered. Because you may think you know someone, that is, until they reveal their true selves.
Evengelina is one such tale, and hers is quite delectable.
It begins when Evangelina was but a little girl. Even as a child, she was quite intelligent. Her parents were very proud of her, and she graduated top of her class at every stage. Then she went off to college, and here is where she met David.
David was an All-Star football player with a smile that immediately captivated Evangelina. And before long, the two of them fell in love, and went on to get married after college. David, having hurt his knee, now a physical therapist, and Evangelina a veterinarian.
They had the seemingly perfect marriage, but something was missing. Unlike David who desired the tender touches when making love, Evangelina craved her fullest potential. She wanted lust, she wanted passion... Evangelina wanted the pain.
She often tried getting David to meet her expectations, a nudge here, a pinch there, a slap now and then. But poor David seemed unable to be the wild animal Evangelina needed. Then one day, Evangelina received a special invitation from The Owl’s Divine. And being the good wife, immediately told David about it. Having heard rumors of the things that happened behind the walls of the Sinner’s Playground, the bad, bad, things, David agreed to let his wife fulfill her lustful need but for one night. His only rule, she would sleep with no one. She could taste, she could touch, she could do anything, but no sex.
Evangelina agreed, and her night of liberation was finally upon her. David did not go with her. This was her night, and she was meant to be as free as a bird. And so Evangelina ventured off to the Owl’s Divine all by herself, and when she arrived she found it to be everything she had hoped it would be. Simply imagine Heaven, your own concoction of such beauty, such eloquence, such perfection, and see it bathed in sin. That is what Evangelina saw, and she was more than ready to partake.
As she made her way inside, she was approached by a very lovely woman who seemed to know exactly why she was there.
"You came to quell the beast," she said.
Evangelina could see it no other way and agreed, following the woman to a room on the second floor of the palatial manor. The woman then told Evangelina to stay put, while she went and fetched something that could help her. Thus, appeared a stranger dressed all in black, face hidden behind a devilish looking volto finished with horns.
"You seek freedom?" questioned the stranger upon gazing at Evangelina.
"Y-Yes," she confessed without thought.
The masked stranger stared at her a bit longer, then made way to the farthest wall. Leaning against it, a small portion of it unlodged and retracted to reveal a second wall behind it. But this was no ordinary wall. Cold black leather, restraints, whips and ropes aligned beside it, and the sharp needles Evangelina found herself hesitant to learn of, this was no wall Evangelina had ever seen before. But it was made for her, the sensation to be it’s slave demanding she submit to it.
"And this is the instrument of your liberation," said the masked stranger. "Go to it."
Evangelina was in a trance when she did as told, only to allow her visitor to shackle her to the glory of it all.
"When I am done with you," whispered the stranger into her ear. "You will beg me like a dog to ravage your body."
"No," she gasped when feasting her eyes on the curved blade fastened near her face. "I won’t sex with you. I merely want the pain, nothing else."
The stranger chuckled, bringing the mask to wear Evangelina could see it. Then allowing her to stare into her eyes, Evangelina realized they were in fact her own eyes.
She did not need to see the face. She already knew who was behind the mask.
It was her.
"I’ve waited for this a long time, my sweet," said her masked self stepping away after clenching the curled whip beneath the blade. "And now, let’s find out how much pain we can take before breaking our vow."
Evangelina smiled. She was strong. Her tolerance for pain was something she always wanted to test. And with her test left squarely in her own hands, she knew there would be no boundary.
"Are you ready?" asked the self ready to set Evangelina free.
"I always have been," she answered.
"So have I," grinned Evangelina with the crack of the first lash against her back. "So have I."

(c) by Grace Charles
The Owl’s Divine

NuR Pub

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