Shake’s Pier-Act Three: Come What Come May


He remembers.
 After all these years, he still remembers exactly where my room is. He proved it the other night when he climbed up to my window like he used to do before Julio and I got together. But still, it makes me happy every time he proves it.
 It's so hot.
 We reach my room, and Anthony kicks the door open.
 “Hey!” I shrill slapping one of his ass cheeks for misbehaving. “That's African Black wood you're kicking like that, neanderthal!”
 “Oh, is it?” he replies just as he drops me on my bed. “Don't worry. I'm about to give you some All American white wood. And trust me, it's way better.”
 I gotta laugh at that, and I can't help get loud.
 “Hey,” he shushes me with a smile. “Aunty Karima's downstairs.”
 I quickly quiet down, but can barely keep the smile off my face.
 Anthony looks over my entire body, from head to toe, and back again. He's smiling too, and it's beginning to really turn me on.
 “Can I ask you a question?” he says taking hold of my foot.
 “Go ahead.”
 “Why Julio?”
 The question kind of catches me off guard, and I stop looking so seductive.
 “What are you talking about?” I ask.
 “Why Julio?” he repeats. “I mean, why him over me?”
 I have no idea what he's talking about. It's almost as if he's asking me why we never hooked up before? But that wasn't ever an option, not for us. We were friends, buddies.
 He couldn't possibly have...
 “What the fuck are you going on about?” I question with a scowl. “What do you mean Julio over you? There wasn't ever any you?”
 “Why not?” he asks slipping my boot off, then moving on to the other.
 “I don't know,” I say all confused. “Because you were Anthony? You were my friend, I guess? I mean, I don't know. I just never saw you like that.”
 “And why not?” he keeps going on, tossing my other boot across the room.
 “Yo! For real, Anthony,” I get serious. “Stop disrespecting my shit, ghabaa.”
 “Sorry,” he grins teasing me. “But you didn't answer the question. I mean, I was always hot, and every chick wanted me...They still do. But why not you? What did you see in Julio that you didn't see in me?”
 “Strength,” I answer without even having to think. “He was strong.”
 Anthony looks deep into my eyes, and I can tell that he's insulted by my response.
 I guess it does sound as if I don't think he's strong, but that's just the way it is. Julio commands respect. He's powerful. He's...
 I slowly get to my knees, and gently grab Anthony by his collar. I then kiss him, pulling him close, and then I look into his eyes.
 “Julio was strong, Anthony,” I say licking my lips, coyly bringing my hand down to his crotch. “Was.”
 “And now?” he can barely ask between gasping.
 “Now...” I whisper, squeezing, groping. “Now, you're the strong one. Anthony Fucking Marx.”
 He shuts his eyes, and he takes a deep breath.
 His thick neck's revealed to me, and I begin licking and biting it. I want to give him a hickey. I want to mark him as mine. He wants the same. I can tell by the way he grabs my ass, hiking me closer to him.
 “Oh, my God, Cleo,” he moans, head back and groaning. “I've wanted you for such a long time.”
 “Well, you've got me, baby.”

(excerpt Shake's Pier-Act III: COME WHAT COME MAY 
by Grace CharlesComing 2017)
Copyright 2017 by Grace Charles

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