The Owl's Divine

The Owl's Divine, a place of decadence and glee. Its halls have been graced by the most esteemed guests, senators, congressmen, billionaires, presidents and even some kings. But none compare to the Mistress, The Sinner's Playground's utmost honored visitor. And young Zach came to learn of that at the expense of love. Because once you have been inside, there is nowhere else you ever truly want to be. 
He spotted her his second night at work. He'd just recently been hired as a harem server, and was immediately captivated the moment he laid eyes on the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. No. She wasn't beautiful.
She was a goddess. 
Bronze skin. Cascading ink black locks. Gold eyes. Features of Queen Nefertiti and a body made of hills and valleys. She was the Mistress, and Zach was instantly Her slave. 
He admired her from afar the moment she arrived, stalking her, desiring her, needing her. He was like a little mouse, hiding behind corners, taking the crumbs of her exquiteness through stolen glances. Zach was a fiend, and the Mistress was the only drug that could save him. And as fate would have it, on the final night of her visit, the Mistress noticed him. Amongst a sea of admirers, a ring of proud suitors, she saw Zach.
Needless to say, his poor heart nearly ceased beating. And one can understand his dilemma. Here was the woman of his dreams, this perfect speciman with no equal, beauty surpassing the rising sun, and she noticed him. All it took was a wink of the goddess' eye, and Zach found himself alone with her. Zach in his harem pants and vest, quivering and dazed, and the Mistress, radiance in every sense of the word. 
"Do you want me?" she asked. 
"Yes," trembled Zach. 
"How much do you want me?" questioned the Mistress. 
"More than life itself," proclaimed Zach. "I would do anything to have you. I want you more than my own life."
"And I am worth it."
The Mistress removed the silk night dress she had on, exposing the wonder that was her body. 
"If I give you this," she moved closer to Zach. "There is nothing else you will ever want. You will beg to be by my side. You will forsake all you've ever known to taste me again. Zachary, you will go mad. And still, even with all this, I-Will-Not-Want-You."
Zach stood with tears in his eyes, his heart broken by the truth. Upon being gifted this one chance, this once glorious opportunity, he would never see it again. Only once...There would be nothing left. 
"I accept," said Zach, damning the consequences of this one single act. "I need you."
"Ahhh," exclaimed the Mistress. "Then let Heaven be given thee, even if a door to Hell."
And thus, the two of them laid with each other. The kisses, the touches, scents, sights, sounds and tastes. Bliss was bestwoed upon Zach that night, and it was more than any mortal could have ever imagined. And once it was done, Zach having regained his senses about him, the Mistress presented him with a blade. A katar fist dagger, the stainless steel sang when revealed. 
"Take it," said the Mistress. 
Zach took it in his grasp. 
"There is nothing left for you," continued the goddess before him. "You have had your destiny."
Zach smiled, realizing that he had held his destiny in his grasp, tasted it upon his lips.
His destiny had been had. 
"Thank you," he exhaled.
And with that, blade met heart and love died perfectly.
Who else can say they have ever been given this gift?

© by Grace Charles 
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