There's a world out there. It's not your world. Hell, it wasn't even supposed to be mine. But it is, and we'll get to that in time. For now, let's keep talking about this world. This world of darkness. This world of pain. This world that walks amongst you all, hiding and creeping in the very souls of mankind.

It's a world of Angels. A world of Demons. Heaven. And Hell. And no matter how many of you
deny it, you're all...we're all living proof that it exists. So to make that clear, there are Angels. And most assuredly, there are Demons.

Now, as to who I am. That's a tale on its own, and we'll get to that in time. For now, all you need know is that I'm The First. The Mother. The Queen. But you can call me the Goddess. It's my favorite title. And it best describes my perfection.

And I am perfect.

I'm perfect looking. I'm perfect in wisdom. And I'm perfect...Well, you get the point.

Many people say that I'm full of myself. That I somehow walk in self delusion, fondling myself
into thinking that I'm better. But to tell you the truth, I can prove it. You simply need know me, and you would instantly recognize that I'm everything you all wish to be. Beautiful. Powerful. Defiant. And above all...

I'm free.

I'm free of age. I'm free of sickness. I'm even free of death. Three little things that should by
now have you convinced of my superiority, let me also add that I'm free of Him.

Now you can believe that, that's the one thing I prize the most. The fact that I'm not chained. I'm not one of His destined. One of His servants. One of His slaves. You all are. But I, the Queen...I'm free.

I hate Him.

Let me reiterate that slowly...I-Hate-Him! And He knows it.

It's a hatred born from betrayal and lies. Lies of love. Caring. Mercy. Forgiveness. Salvation.
All the mundane hope you mortals cling to everyday of your lives. It's a sad thing really. But that's the way He made you. Weak and frail. Dreamers, hoping to gain just an once of the happiness you long for all your waking days.

And I'm not judging. It's actually admirable, in its own pitiful type of way. As a matter of fact,
it's one of the few things I enjoy about you. The others would be war, and the way you self destruct. But your dreams...

Your dreams make you special. Unique. And it's your dreams I enjoy taking from you the most, especially love.


Now, love is a very special thing. What is it that they say, 'love can move mountains'? can't.

It brings out the best in people. It makes you feel all warm inside. And in some instances, it can even survive death. But moving mountains? Conquering all? Listen, I've seen my fair share of those who dared challenge their fate with love. And let me tell you that they all find out the hard way that love eventually dies just like everything else...

Everything else, but me.

The Perfect One. The Queen of Condemnation. The Mother of All Darkness.

The First and The Last.

So, with that, I tell you who I am. And the last thing you should do is to presume you know
anything about me. For mine's is a tale of blood. A tale of condemnation. But, more so, it's a tale of who I am.

I'm Lilith.

And I allow you into my world. But be warned...

I am Lilith.

- Grace Charles - (excerpt from A Tale Of The Fallen: Lilith) Coming 2017

© by Grace Charles

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