Going to be an emotional roller coaster kind of week next week.

Caution! Roller coaster week ahead

I haven’t watched President Obama’s farewell speech yet. I watched bits and pieces of it but I felt I would be too sad if I watched the full speech. I will probably watch the whole thing sometime today. I feel blessed to have had President Obama as a president these past 8 years for so many reasons. I went to my first political rally 4 years ago to push for his re-election and I have been much more politically aware ever since then.

This past election shook my faith and belief in a lot of things. My faith in humanity has to be restored on a constant basis. I am ashamed to be American on a daily basis. The shit show that this election and events afterward have proven to be has been so hard to muddle through.

Every single day, some new bit of information surfaces about Donald Trump. Just when we didn’t think things could get any worse, there is talk of a sex tape and Russian blackmail. It may be fake news and it might not be. Either way, the fact that it is totally believable is sad. This sounds more like the plot of poorly written late night soft porn movie on a B-rated cable channel rather than the U.S. government. WTF doesn’t even cover it. It makes sense though. Guess this is what happens when a reality tv producer becomes president (or president-”elect”).

Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr day. It is a day of reflection. A day to think about how we can make the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr a reality. It is a day to think about how we treat others and take time to give back to society. There will be events across the nation to celebrate his life and his legacy.

Friday is Inauguration Day. We will put into office a president who has mocked anyone and everyone and has pissed on more than just hotel mattresses and hookers. He pisses on everything this nation stands for. How is it that the new Commander-in-Chief has no respect for military veterans? How exactly does that work? I guess it will make it easier to send our husbands and sons, wives and daughters off to war. How is he supposed to fight for the rights of the disabled and minorities when he has made disgusting deplorable comments about both. Don’t even get me started on freedom of religion.

I feel like we are living in a shitty version of the Twilight Zone. How are we supposed to even do next week? I think for me, carrying the momentum of MLK Day throughout will help. I might have to stay off of social media on Friday. It’s time for me to unplug for at least one day. It’ll be a good day to focus on new projects.

I think this is going to be my anthem for getting through 2017.