Your Best Friend Is Toxic — You Just Don’t Know It Yet
Leonard Kim

I had a best friend for 8 years who was as toxic as they come. She used me for money and to get into my social circle. Things got worse as our friendship progressed and I started to be more successful. She tried to become me. She tried to sabotage my relationships with men, she tried to dress like me often buying the exact same clothes, and she would go to dinner with no money because she assumed I’d pay. I let it go on for far too long and when a financial falling out between us went unresolved I ended it.

After I dumped my toxic friend I started to realize how much time I spent covering for her rude behavior with people. She had no real social skills. I realized how every time I got close to a guy she would go behind my back and try to mess things up sometimes telling guys who were interested in me that I was taken when I was single. I had even become more critical of others because of her. I felt my world open up after I cut ties with her. I found I had more respect for myself, my other friends, and a general joy for life. I could have cut ties long before I did if I was not so naieve in thinking she would never hurt me. After all, we were besties.

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