Why Erykah Badu’s Opinion Is Dangerous
Dominique Matti

I wish I had more feminism in my world when I was younger. As the mother of a daughter, this world scares me. Every day I am more and more aware of all the things society does to hold us back and how it changes us. I remember being in middle school and walking around my neighborhood with my head down because of all the grown men catcalling young girls. I wore jeans all the time and dressed conservatively and still got the ‘phat ass’ comments at 12 and 13. I grew up hearing men refer to skirts and dresses as ‘easy access’ so I stopped wearing them for a long time. I never really thought much about why I stopped wearing skirts but if I am honest with myself it was out of fear of being assaulted. Erykah should know better. She used to be all about empowering women. Now she is using her influence to be part of the problem.