I’m Not Surprised Black People Are Being Killed in America
Mandela SH Dixon

Thank you so much for a wonderfully written article. You have inspired me to write my own piece this morning touching on some things that I want to address as well. I agree with your last points fully. It is important to branch out and get to know people of other races and nationalities so that we can try to understand each other. What I see happening all too often are people who are so quick to deny or diminish the experiences of people of color. Telling a story about something that we experience becomes a battle because we are told that we are over-reacting or playing the race card. Anyone who says “pulling the race card” I usually respond with “you see this as a game of cards but to me this is my life and there is the problem.”

We need to try to understand each other and understand the struggles we all face. I think people take the time to listen to each other and open the lines of communication without trying to belittle the experiences we share, then we might get somewhere.

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