Audi — Not Faster Than a Super Hero

First off, I love this commercial for multiple reasons, mostly because it opens up the opportunity for any auto manufacturer to position themselves against Audi in a fun and memorable way.

Here’s how I would do it

Opening Shot

A villain commandeers a BMW, and speeds away from a pursuing hero, who is on foot. The villain disappears over the horizon.

Next shot

Sunset in the desert on Route 66 next to an aging gas station / convenience store. 
The villain is leaning on the BMW framed hard right on a distant shot.

He is admiring the sunset and sipping a fountain soda, a bag of chips and other snacks are on the roof of the car.

Just as you think the commercial is about to end, you hear panting and heavy breathing with heavier footsteps.

The tired super hero makes his way toward the villain.

Medium Shot

As he stops to catch his breath, bent over, his hands on his knees, the villain walks to him .

Close Medium Shot

The villain hands him the soda and smiles slyly.

Wide Shot

He walks back to the car and lays tire out of frame.

The hero, doubled over, one hand on knee, back lit by the sunset, framed screen left.

He takes a loud sip of the soda only to find it is already empty. He crumbles it with one hand, drops it, and walks off, screen left back to the city.

Out with tagline:
“BMW- Faster than a super hero.”