Declining Organic Reach on Facebook and What You Can Do About It

Remember the glory days of Facebook? You’d set up a page, make a post and everyone would see it. Ahhh the good old days. Now you make a post and almost no one takes notice.

So What Changed?

Facebook has continually tweaked their algorithm to be more friendly to individuals using it for the purpose of social networking — keeping up with friends and family.

This was in response to the complaints about seeing only brands in feeds. The shift to user centric from brand centric is a large part of the company’s success for a very simple reason: If users are happier with the platform, they’ll spend more time there. If they spend more time there, Facebook becomes more attractive to advertisers and makes more money.

The Bad News — It’s Part of the Plan

Facebook addresses this with a very “you have to break some eggs to make an omelet” approach.

Overall, we anticipate that this update may cause reach and referral traffic to decline for some Pages.
Lars Backstrom, Engineering Director at Facebook

The data scientists over at Locowise have quantified the gloom for us:

How Do You Combat This? Use What Works.

When you look at the study done by Locowise you can see that there are some organic tactics that have more reach than others:

  • Video has 12.81% reach
  • Photos have 12.04% reach
  • Links have 10% reach
  • Status updates have a dismal 6.57% reach, but get more engagement
When we look at 26 campaigns we’ve run for one of our clients since early June, we can see that this client has received 112,999 “free impressions”

So when you’re planning your content for the month, make video your vanguard for getting the word out, follow it up with photos and links, then use a status update to increase the engagement. My suggestion is to use the status update as an opportunity to ask your audience a question or start a conversation.

While these will help increase your reach there is really only one option for guaranteeing your message will get out….

Pay To Play

I know you didn’t want to hear that but it’s the truth of the “friends and family” centric Facebook ecosystem we live in. If you use Facebook for business purposes you must run advertisements. There is good news, though, by running Facebook ads, you can get a lot of free reach.

When we look at 26 campaigns we’ve run for one of our clients since early June, we can see that this client has received 112,999 “free impressions” coming from social reach, in the form of:

  • Post Likes
  • Post Shares
  • Page Likes

This means that by just running a basic campaign you’re going to see more success than by posting organically.

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About the author

George Cicci is the Brand Strategist and Senior Campaign Strategist at Impakt Marketing and Branding, a Marketing Launchpad contributor, experimental music composer and table top wargaming geek.