Medium Post URL Hack

Why use a custom URL?

At first glance, the title of your post can help hook users into reading your article.

But… from a search engine’s perspective, the first part of your URL is more important.

What does this mean for you? Basically, you don’t want to spent time writing an awesome article only to rank well, in search engines, for words that aren’t relevant to your article.

Unfortunately, common world used in article titles (“the”, “and”, “a”, “how”, “top”, etc.) are usually also used in the URL of the article.


To rank well in search engines AND to get people to read your article, you need to balance two important things:

  1. Awesome headlines
  2. SEO-friendly URLs

This is how you do it with Medium.

  1. Think of an awesome URL and headline (i.e. a short, keyword specific URL + eye catching, hook-worthy headline)
  2. Publish the post with a title that you want to use as the URL. For example, “Medium URL Hack” will be “medium-url-hack”)(your URL)
  3. Go into your posts “… > Change title/subtitle” section
  4. Select “Custom” and change the title to what you want users on medium and in search results to see. For example, “Medium Post URL Hack” (your headline)
  5. Done

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