And what’s so important about an outdated term?

This article was written by James as part of the Historical Crossdressing Project. Content notes: discussion of a slur, historical violence towards transgender and intersex people, discussions of genitalia.

The key to digital archival research is search terms. Databases like the British Newspaper Archive don’t have search engines as sophisticated as Google, and scanned material that has been transcribed incorrectly is rarely comprehensible, let alone searchable. As a result, it is important to use a great variety of search terms, and to check articles before and after relevant excerpts to verify that nothing has been missed by the search. …

An Informal Talk on the Project So Far

This is a transcript of a talk given on 27th February 2021 over Zoom. Most slides are not included.

Hi there! I’m James. I founded and run Gender Community Lending Library, with help from a few magical volunteers. To give a very brief overview of what we do, GCLL is a free UK postal library of primarily transgender books, open to everyone. Today I’ll be giving a talk on the project, which I expect to last about half an hour, and then I’ll take questions. …

Gender Community Lending Library

Articles from the team behind GCLL, a UK postal library for transgender books.

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