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I don’t really think this is how it went down, but it would be an unbelievable outcome (and would rock the NBA) if it were to happen.

Let’s just say that Jerry West, Ballmer, Doc and CP3 all got together in a room and Jerry said, “We want to get younger and deeper this next year and then bring the banana boat team together in 2018.” The rest shake their heads and say, “sounds good, but we don’t have the ability to do it.” Jerry goes, “How about this, we trade Chris to a team that would have to unload valuable players to us to make the cap work. We then sign and trade Blake to get more assets and call this year a wash. Then, Chris comes back in free agency next year, we sign Lebron and have a lottery pick to boot.” Everyone agrees with and laughs deviously.

I know this is crazy and didn’t happen. However, it would be absolutely crazy (maybe illegal?) if it did.

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