Writing has saved my life, time and time again. It has allowed me to let out my emotions and feelings during moments when it was too difficult and painful to speak; when I was shocked and overwhelmed into calmness by what was happening. During moments when the heartbreak was way too strong and I felt I couldn’t stay alive and get through whatever I was facing, putting my hands on the keyboard of my laptop and frantically typing away as tears fell down my face, helped me regain some clarity on the situations. By typing up my emotions, thoughts, and rambles, I was able to breathe again and regain a sense of inner peace while sifting through heavy emotions internally — it helped me sit down and sew my new or reopened emotional wounds, and to give the wound the care and attention it needed to begin healing. It was my ability to write up old-fashioned style letters to then send through email and chat. That helped me reach out to people and at least share a few more words of reassurance and care with them. During a difficult situation/moment, with the intention of wishing to help further the healing journey for both myself and them. Communication — whether it’s as bold as verbal expression and as quiet but still powerful as written expression — always eases situations where conflict is very high. It might feel uncomfortable and even really vulnerable and scary to just speak your mind through words. But it can liberate you and empower you. It can remind you that you have a mind and thoughts of your own. Overall, it can remind you of your inner emotional potential and a power that is yours and only yours to embrace.