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Don’t sleep on homegrown hate, it could be right outside your front door.

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Home is where the hate is

For years, when visiting my mother, I would retrieve her mail and pick up any newspapers (when they were a thing) or loose flyers lying about the front lawn. On one particular day, a rolled-up paper wrapped in plastic, lay inconspicuously on the front walkway. Thinking it was just another flyer I paid little attention to it. Once inside the house, I noticed peering from the protective plastic membrane, a black illustration of a “knight” on a horse. …

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

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“That’s disgusting. Doesn’t it make you sick?” said the best friend of a former girlfriend when she was told said girlfriend was dating me.

I remember when I first learned of this little gem. Admittedly, I wasn’t as upset as I probably should have been. Truth be told, at the time I thought it was actually quite humorous. Having faced such disturbing racial hatred throughout my younger years, I was used to the reactions from those who thought of me as disgusting; less than… not a person. Comes with being Black in a white space.

For purposes of this retelling…

Leave your baggage of bigotry at the door. I’m not going to carry it.

Give a racist an ear and they will use the opportunity to bend it into submission. If a potential audience is within earshot the chance to break the air with hate speech, in their minds, is permission enough.

As a Black man who lives each day reminded how America actively tries to reverse any advancements people of color have made, my optimism routinely takes a hit leaving little room for hope. Even if not the target of someone’s toxicity, being exposed to their racist views towards others is something I can’t stomach.

Given the world’s current love affair with racism…

Agendas can suck you in without your permission leaving you at the mercy of those looking to exercise their privilege or perceived control.

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Having experienced the heat of someone’s racist agitation and egregious reaction, I know not to put myself in situations that could potentially turn ugly leaving me at a disadvantage.

This calculated strategy, imagined in my younger days, has since been justified by the numerous interactions I’ve had with many in the white community.

Over time I’ve had to perfect certain survival techniques in order to navigate the white space I live in. When at a function or in a group setting, a wedding, or a restaurant, for instance… I seek out a seat (always with my back against the wall)…

Black friend… tolerated. Black boyfriend… never.

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The diversity dating pool in a predominately white community is shallow at best. If you are Black and interested in diversifying your portfolio, you’d be better served to venture out from the land of soccer moms and racist-lite microaggressions. If “melanin challenged” is your thing, look no further than your closest froyo shop.

When I got bit by the dating bug in my early teens, the thought of how others would react to my seeing someone outside of my race admittedly was of little concern to me. At 13, I was too focused on spending time with whomever I wanted.

A lifetime of hate is a lifetime of stagnation.

Source: Tim Pierce

Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in this world, but has not solved one yet. — Maya Angelou

Ideally, I’d rather worry about which flavor of ice cream to order, which bill to pay first, or where my other sock is hiding than to be arrested for breathing, shot by, well anyone with an agenda, or accosted by a “white savior wannabe” trying to rid their world of inconvenience.

The profound impact hate has on those who experience it on the regular is simply a byproduct of the relentless adherence to said emotion by those who choose to…

I’m not here for your convenience or to be your excuse. I’m here to live my life without your interference.

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The practice of racial profiling some are accustomed to often becomes yet another injustice others must face daily; a perpetuation of oppression and marginalization of minority groups throughout American history. This strategy has been consistent and deliberate by many in the majority for generations and continues today.

Like many of my Black brothers and sisters, I have been on the receiving end of ill will because of my skin color. …

Is this how the Black community is to act when under the thumb of white supremacy?

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“I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

I have to keep reminding myself of this every time I see a horrific display of racial injustice. It becomes increasingly difficult to maintain any level of sanity knowing there is a concerted effort each and every day by some to silence those of us in the Black community. I wonder if Sun Tzu is taking calls.

Samuel L. Jackson’s twisted house slave character Stephen in Django Unchained comes to mind when I think of the insane expectations placed on the Black community and how we should simply shut up, mind our business, and…

Forever trying to escape the racist tropes of Black people being scary and viewed as menacing.

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“We need someone to stand by the door.”

“You’ve done time, right?”

“Hey, we’re having trouble with this guy. You can take him.”

“Don’t hurt me, I don’t have any money.”

“Man, you’re big. People must be scared of you?”

I’ve heard it all. And if the future is designed by the past… I expect to hear it all again.

When you live in an environment that only sees color, and uses it to form stereotypes, course-correcting this way of thinking to create a more fair atmosphere can be a challenge. …

Who would you want in your foxhole?

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Though I don’t measure who I am by the company I keep, I am proud of the relationships I’ve built and try to surround myself with like-minded people who, at the core, share similar beliefs and an outlook on the world.

Recently, I had the honor and pleasure of being an invited guest on the United States of Race podcast. Excited to share this experience with those in my life who know me best, I wanted to pull back the curtain a bit on some of the racial injustices I faced while growing up Black in a white space. …

G Correia

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