And what about the exam?

Source: Pixabay Creative Commons

The exam was quite difficult because there were a lot of exercises. Actually, the exercises were easy but the problem was that we had to do 8 exercises in two hours.

You’ll probably that I’m crazy because it’s enough time but remember one thing: the last time that I had to do a similar exam to this one was at university when I was 20 years old so imagine, it’s no very frequent for me.

Definitelly, I’ll have to be ready for the next time because time goes fast when you’re in a exam. I must think faster than last tuesday about what I need to write or understand in an audio exercise for instance.

So, the best world to explain my feelings about the exam is “Learning”. Of course, everyday I learn a lot of things when I go to school or when I’m with Tristan or Paul in a conversation class but what happened last tuesday, it will help a lot in when we’ll have the official exams in four month’s time.

Next week, we won’t have to go to school as I told you last week — The Carnivals- so, it will be time to recharge the battery. I need to improve my listening so I will probably have to start watching more series or films -maybe songs as well-, with subtitles. Could you recommend me any film or series, please?

By the way, I learnt a lot of things with Paul and Tristan in the conversation classes, for example, the Australian Football that is completelly differente from our football or how I should order the ideas to explain a topic in a writting or oral exam. I always learn a lot things and I try make an effort.

See you on next Friday!