Halloween & Chicago

Chicago — Source: Pixabay

It’s Friday and it’s time to write again in English!!

It’s been a different week at EOI die to “Halloween”. I didn’t go to EOI last tuesday but I made a lot of homework :) I went to practice my level of conversation with Tristan as last wednesday.

We were talking about how we celebrated Halloween and how the traditions have changed our lifestyle. For instance, it’s typical to go to the cemeterys in Spain but young people more and more preffer to celebrate Halloween instead of going to the cemetery, definitely, “times are changing” as Dylan said :)

Finally, I talked about a friend who lives in Chicago, he works as a teacher since 2014. Tristan said that Chicago was a dangerous city in the US and there’s a controversial nickname: “Chi — Raq”. For example, my friend told me that one of his students was assassinaited last saturday :-)

In the other hand, Chicago is also very famous because after a 108 year — drought Cubs have just won the Baseball World Series for the first time :) My friend told me there was a big party to celebrate it :)

I think that’s all folks!

See you on next Friday :)