My favourite webpages to learn English


Yesterday we were talking about tips to improve our English and I wanted to share my symbaloo webpage that I’ve recently created it. It’s a useful online tool and I recommend you. Most of these links are in our teacher’s webpage and I’ve added two interesting webpages: Medium (of course) and El País in English, one of the most famous newspapers in Spain that I discovered when I was looking for some information three weeks ago.

I’m going to keep on surfing on The Internet in order to refresh my webpage but if you’ve noticed about an interesting webpage that it’s helping you to improve your English, you can leave a comment on this post as well :)

In the other hand, it’s been an interesting week at EOI because I could practice my English level of conversation with Tristan and Paul. They’re helping me a lot because both styles of teaching are completelly different. I enjoy myself a lot each class because I don’t know what will happen, in short, every class is being a great opportunity for me.

By the way, I didn’t forget my English project of interviews but I’ve been very busy last days and I hope I could publish the first interview the following week. I’ll have to work a bit more than as I usually do although it would be snowing in my city :)

Have a good weekend and see you on Friday!