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So what will the press do about this? Will they continue to be deflected or can they stick to the real stuff? It seems to me that they can’t stick to the real stories. We don’t give a flying fig in space about that jackass being told anything in the Hamilton show. What we care about is why he is still doing business and is he going to shut down his business or continue to enrich himself? What about his kids and the role they are playing in the business and in our government? If the press can’t do their job any better than they have through the election cycle then what are they doing? Are they all just tabloid crap now? Even the cable talk shows are starting to be nothing but crap back and forth. They ask a Trump surrogate some stupid question and what do they expect them to say? Of course they will praise the jackass and his choices and call him the second coming. I don’t get it. Why can’t they be the news and report on the real stuff? Are they just lazy? I don’t get it.

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