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Jun 19, 2018 · 4 min read

World’s first celebrity crypto exchange aims to bring cutting-edge blockchain tech to entertainment industry

The year is 2019. A fan of football legend Michael Owen – a highly decorated player who won the prestigious Ballon d’Or and played for Liverpool, Real Madrid and Manchester United – would like to secure a membership at Michael Owen’s Football Training School for his young son.

Merely a few years ago, this would have entailed the tedious process of placing an order or buying tickets online, using traditional methods of payment which can take days to process. Nowadays, all he needs to do is make a purchase via a few taps on his smartphone. The transaction is at once both instantaneous and completely secure, by virtue of the efficiency and security provided by blockchain.

This is what GCOX envisions for the entertainment and sports industry. In GCOX’s vision of the future, the multi-trillion-dollar entertainment industry will become inextricably entwined with the ever-expanding world of blockchain, leveraging the mass appeal of celebrities to accelerate the mainstream adoption of blockchain.

GCOX helps celebrities leverage their popularity like never before by creating their own exclusive, personalised crypto, known as Celebrity Tokens. Through exclusive products, services and social interactions, GCOX revolutionises the way celebrities interact with their fans, giving the public unparallelled access to celebrities.

GCOX’s entire premise is built upon its four core platforms: Celeb-listing, Celebreneur, Celeb-connect, and Celeb-charity, which in turn are based on GCOX’s proprietary blockchain known as Acclaim.


GCOX’s Celeb-listing will enable celebrities to realise the maximum potential of their popularity by creating and selling their personalised Celebrity Tokens, and on the other hand, grant fans privileged, unparallelled access to their favourite stars by purchase these Celebrity Tokens. The utility of these tokens hinges on the potential and promise of the celebrity in question, the size of their fanbase on the platform, the extent of user engagement, as well as the celebrity’s particular choice of projects. Essentially, GCOX will – in a world first – offer celebrities the ability to quantify and leverage their popularity for the benefit of both themselves and their fans.


Celebreneur, GCOX’s second platform, is a fusion of the words ‘celebrity’ and ‘entrepreneur’. As the name suggests, this initiative aims to allow celebrities to realise their entrepreneurial potential, by providing a platform for celebrities to enhance their existing businesses and encouraging them to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. Celebreneur will allow celebrities to conduct transactions of goods and services for any businesses they are involved in, as well as facilitate the use of celebrities’ exclusive tokens for any such transactions.

By allowing this mode of redemption, the functionality of these Celebrity Tokens is significantly enhanced; celebrities can thus expand to markets across the globe, unimpeded by the problems posed by traditional methods of payment across borders. This represents a major business opportunity for a celebrity, as Celebreneur will allow access to untapped markets; entire groups of people who may not currently be able to access these goods and services.


Ever wished you could have a one-on-one audience with your favourite actor, sports star, or celebrity? This will soon become a reality with GCOX’s Celeb-connect platform, which will enable celebrities to reach out to fans in ways never thought possible, and to develop closer relationships with fans through direct, ‘up-close-and-personal’ engagement. Such potential applications for the Celeb-connect platform include personalized birthday video greetings, pay-per-view (PPV) live streaming (showing the ‘other side’ of celebrities’ lives, for instance), wish list campaigns, and meet-and-greet sessions.


Last but certainly not least, GCOX’s Celeb-charity platform will allow celebrities to increase awareness for charitable causes, inspire action amongst their fans, crowdfund for charitable projects and initiatives, and promote philanthropy. Celebrities can also harness the power of social media to engage a wider audience and participate or lead initiatives that go beyond simply writing cheques. In short, GCOX will allow celebrities to leverage their popularity for the greater good.

Taking The World by Storm

In 2018, GCOX embarked on a World Tour that took them on a journey spanning three continents, both hemispheres, and tens of thousands of air miles – leaving lasting impressions from Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo in Asia to Dubai in the Middle East, Berlin and Amsterdam in Europe, and across the Atlantic in New York among others. As GCOX goes from strength to strength, this global presence will underpin the highly anticipated Initial Token Sale (ITS) of its proprietary Acclaim (ACM) token to be announced at the Berlin Fashion Week on 2–3 July where GCOX is the Main Sponsor.

GCOX Official

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GCOX is a highly-anticipated cryptocurrency exchange that offers an unprecedented platform for global celebrities to issue personalized tokens.

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